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ToxStrategies presents at SRA 2019

Dr. Grace Chappell presented at the Society for Risk Analysis annual meeting held December 9–11 in Crystal City, VA. Dr. Chappell presented work that she and fellow ToxStrategies scientists Drs. Daniele Wikoff and Susan Borghoff conducted recently to apply evidence-based systematic evaluation techniques to mechanistic data sets in assessments of potential carcinogenicity. Dr. Chappell described several case studies, detailing the challenges and advances in systematically identifying, appraising, and integrating mechanistic data sets in carcinogenicity assessments, using a framework based on the key characteristics of carcinogens (KCCs) organizational approach. Dr. Chappell’s presentation was one of several in a symposium on applying the key characteristics approach to hazard identification and risk assessment of chemical-induced cancer and non-cancer effects.