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ToxStrategies is at SOT 2022

ToxStrategies is excited to be returning to exhibit and present at The Society of Toxicology’s Annual Meeting, March 28th through March 31st.  The meeting is available in person located in San Diego or through virtual attendance for all registered attendees.

Come by and see us at Booth # 934!

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Dr. Amy Mihalchik: Considerations for Standardization and Derivation of Pediatric and Neonatal Tolerable Exposure Limits for Extractable and Leachable Compounds from Medical Devices

Dr. Melissa Heintz: HFPO-DA (GenX) Transcriptomic Responses in Pregnant and Non-pregnant Rat Livers: Analyses to Inform the Role of Maternal Effects on Neonatal Toxicity

Dr. Chad Thompson: Use of Targeted Mode-of-Action Research to Inform Human Health Risk Assessment of Hexavalent Chromium

Dr. John Rogers: Development of a Putative Adverse Outcome Pathway for Neonatal Mortality in Rodents: Implications for Human Health Risk Assessments of PFAS

Dr. William Klaren: Reproduction and Developmental Toxicological Evaluation of Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO)

Ms. Deborah Proctor: Refined Health Risk Assessment for Residential Exposures to Manganese in EAF Steel Slag

Ms. Seneca Fitch: Comparison of Public and Private Literature Databases for Toxicological Investigations


Workshops and Sessions:

  • SPC Highlights Emerging Scientists: Nanotoxicology, Dr. Daniele Wikoff, Co-Chair Tuesday, March 29th, 1:00pm CC Room 8
  • Safer Chemical Tools and Practices: Successes in Advancing Safer Chemical Selection on a Global Scale: Panel Discussion/Q&A, Lauren Brown, Co-Chair Wednesday, March 30th, 11:00am CC Ballroom 6B
  • Bridging the Past, Present, and Future of Study Quality Evaluations in Toxciology: A Summary of Recommendations to Researchers for the Conduct and Reporting of Toxicological Studies, Dr. Daniele Wikoff, Presenter Thursday, March 31st, 10:45am CC Ballroom 6E
  • How Does Your Study Measure up? The Evolution of Study Quality Evaluations in Toxicology and Risk Assessment, Dr. Daniele Wikoff, Co-Chair Thursday, March 31st, 8:30am CC Ballroom 6E
  • Mode of Action, Adverse Outcome Pathways, and Key Characteristics (KCs): Proposed Steps Forward and Mid-Course Corrections, Dr. Daniele Wikoff, Chair Tuesday, March 29th, 8:00am CC Ballroom 6D
  • Picking the Right Tool: Using Evidence-Based Toxicology to Evaluate Mechanistic Data in KC, AOP, and MoA Constructs, Drs. Daniele Wikoff, Grace Chappell, and Susan Borghoff, Presenters Tuesday, March 29th, 9:50am CC Ballroom 6D
  • Computational I Poster Session, Dr. Grace Chappell, Chair
  • DNA Damage and Repair Poster Session, Lauren Brown, Chair
  • Emerging Technologies Poster Session, Dr. William Klaren, Chair


For a complete agenda of sessions and presentations click here.