Donna M. McMillan, Ph.D., DABT
Senior Consultant


Phone(513) 770-9663
Address#223 187 Pavilion Pkwy
Newport, KY 41071




Professional Profile

Dr. Donna McMillan is a Senior Consultant with ToxStrategies. She is a board-certified toxicologist with more than 30 years of experience assessing the safety of OTC drugs, cosmetics, and consumer personal care products. A member of ToxStrategies’ Foods and Consumer Products group, Dr. McMillan has broad experience in the private sector, supporting product safety evaluations and development of global safety strategies for consumer products. Her work involves studying novel ingredients and new product categories for oral care, hair care, grooming, and use of botanicals and other natural substances in consumer products.

For a global consumer product developer/manufacturer, Dr. McMillan led a team of experts on human safety to develop an overall strategy for the safety assessment of botanical and natural substances (BNS) in consumer products, including dietary supplements. Her team established current best approaches for varying exposure levels to all the company’s consumer products, as well as guidance for Type 1 and Type 4 Allergy assessments.

Among her industry roles, Dr. McMillan led the product safety PhD recruiting team, served on a human exposure expert team, and sat on the company’s corporate Institutional Review Board. She has published widely in the scientific literature since 1984, and regularly presents at professional conferences.