Caroline L. Ring, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist


Phone(512) 298-1307
Fax(512) 382-6945
LocationAustin, TX
Address9390 Research Blvd
Suite 100
Austin, Texas 78759



Professional Profile

Dr. Ring is a Senior Scientist with ToxStrategies, based in Austin, Texas. Dr. Ring has postdoctoral and research experience in computational toxicology, including physiologically- based pharmacokinetic/toxicokinetic (PBPK/PBTK) modeling and computational exposure modeling. In particular, Dr. Ring has experience in statistical modeling (including Bayesian methods), variability and uncertainty quantification, and data visualization. As a postdoctoral research scientist at the USEPA, she developed a software module to include human physiological variability in a PBTK modeling framework for high-throughput (HT) risk prioritization for environmental chemicals. She also identified and quantified uncertainty/variability in high-throughput TK model parameters based on in vivo TK data for many chemicals, and implemented and extended a framework for HT exposure modeling that combined the predictions of multiple existing exposure models with chemical properties. She has worked extensively with the CDC’s NHANES database, as well as with the USEPA’s ToxCast and ExpoCast databases. Dr. Ring’s areas of expertise also include cardiac electrophysiology and modeling of nonlinear systems. She earned her Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Duke University (Durham, North Carolina), where her research focused on incorporating inter-individual physiological variability into computational models of cardiac electrophysiology used to predict cardiac arrhythmia.