Publications : 1997

Yoon MY, Kim YC. 1997. Acute toxicity of pectenotoxin 2 and its effects on hepatic metabolizing enzyme system in mice. Korean J Toxicol 13(3):183–186.


Acute toxicity of pectenotoxin 2 (PTX2) was examined in mice. Treatment of mice with a toxic dose of PTX2 resulted in clinical signs such as ataxia, cyanosis and an abrupt decrease in body temperature. Histopathological studies revealed that the liver is the major target organ for PTX2. Activities of serum alanine aminotransferase (ALT), aspartate aminotransferase (AST) and sorbitol dehydrogenase (SDH) were significantly elevated by PTX2 administration. Glucose-6-phosphatase activities were not changed by the treatment. The PTX2 treatment decreased relative liver weight without changing the body weight. The effect of PTX2 on hepatic drug metabolizing enzyme system was determined. An ip dose of PTX2 (200 $mu$g/kg) induced a significant decrease in the hepatic microsomal protein content. Cytochrome P-450 content, cytochrome b$_5$ content, NADPH cytochrome c reductase, aminopyrine N-demethylase activities, or hepatic glutathione content were not altered by PTX2 treatment.