Publications : 2006

Mahony C, Felter SP, McMillan DA. 2006. An exposure-based risk assessment approach to confirm the safety of hydrogen peroxide for use in home tooth bleaching. Regul Toxicol Pharmacol 44:75–82.


Hydrogen peroxide has a long history of safe use in a wide variety of medical and consumer products, including oral care products. The use of hydrogen peroxide in tooth bleaching has been extended to home use. Because this represents a new use, questions have been raised regarding safety, particularly the potential for peroxide tooth-whitening products to increase the risk of oral cancer in high-risk individuals (e.g., smokers and drinkers). These concerns are based on limited experimental data in animals that hydrogen peroxide has extremely weak tumor promoting activity and a lack of publicly available data on exposure to peroxides from the home use of tooth-whitening products. This paper provides a weight-of-evidence cancer hazard characterization for hydrogen peroxide and presents a quantitative risk assessment that confirms a favorable human safety profile risk associated with low levels of exposure to hydrogen peroxide from the use of tooth-whitening products. This includes a lack of tumor promotion risk which is important because tooth-whitening products are often used by chronic smokers and drinkers, who may represent a susceptible subpopulation because of their exposure to other known carcinogens.