Publications : 2015

Knudsen TB, Keller DA, Sander M, Carney EW, Doerrer NG, Eaton DL, Fitzpatrick SC, Hastings KL, Mendrick DL, Tice RR, Watkins PB, Whelan M. 2015. FutureTox II: In vitro data and in silico models for predictive toxicology. Toxicol Sci 143(2):256–267, DOI: 10.1093/toxsci/kfu234.


FutureTox II, a Society of Toxicology Contemporary Concepts in Toxicology workshop, was held in January, 2014. The
meeting goals were to review and discuss the state of the science in toxicology in the context of implementing the NRC 21st
century vision of predicting in vivo responses from in vitro and in silico data, and to define the goals for the future.
Presentations and discussions were held on priority concerns such as predicting and modeling of metabolism, cell growth
and differentiation, effects on sensitive subpopulations, and integrating data into risk assessment. Emerging trends in
technologies such as stem cell-derived human cells, 3D organotypic culture models, mathematical modeling of cellular
processes and morphogenesis, adverse outcome pathway development, and high-content imaging of in vivo systems were
discussed. Although advances in moving towards an in vitro/in silico based risk assessment paradigm were apparent,
knowledge gaps in these areas and limitations of technologies were identified. Specific recommendations were made for
future directions and research needs in the areas of hepatotoxicity, cancer prediction, developmental toxicity, and
regulatory toxicology.