Publications : 2016

Yoon M, Adeleye Y, Clewell R, Jennings P, Whelan M. 2016. Roundtable discussion: Moving beyond prioritization toward true in vitro safety assessment. Appl In Vitro Toxicol 2(2):67–73.



The field of toxicity testing is undergoing a major paradigm shift toward the use of in vitro approaches for assessing chemical risk. There are already several global initiatives demonstrating the utility of high-throughput screening to prioritize compounds for further testing. The next step for in vitro–based toxicity testing is to move from prioritization to prediction, that is, replacing animal-based risk assessment strategies with safety assessments based on human biology queried with in vitro assays. This roundtable brings together experts and thought leaders in in vitro toxicology and safety assessment to discuss current efforts to support this transition, including development of appropriate in vitro assays, definition of adversity in vitro, selection of predictive in vitro biomarkers of toxicity, development and improvement of quantitative in vitro-to-in vivoextrapolation, as well as increasing confidence and reliability of in vitro assays.