Engineering Risk Assessment

ToxStrategies Consulting Services engineers work hand-in-hand with our scientists in evaluating anthropogenic risks by analyzing how systems perform, what they release and the resulting exposures, how systems may fail and with what consequence, and the associated costs. Examples of areas where our staff has incorporated engineering into risk analyses include the following:

System Performance Assessment

  • Source term characterization
  • Combustion source analysis
  • TSCA Conditions of Use analysis
  • Process air, water, and waste release estimation
  • Computational modeling of systems
  • Chemical fingerprinting and source allocation

Remediation Engineering

  • Remedy alternatives development
  • Remedy feasibility studies (FS)
  • Remediation cost/liability analysis

Exposure Assessment

  • Exposure concentration estimation
  • Atmospheric dispersion modeling
  • Indoor air quality modeling
  • Worker exposure data analysis
  • TSCA Life Cycle exposure assessment
  • Data visualization and geospatial analyses

System Failure Analysis

  • Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA)
  • Event tree/fault tree analysis
  • Consequence and release analysis