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Drs. Mark Harris & Laurie Haws launch ToxStrategies Inc.

Austin, Texas

Drs. Mark Harris and Laurie Haws launch ToxStrategies Inc., a multidisciplinary scientific consulting firm that specializes in the evaluation of potential health risks associated with exposures to substances in consumer products, food ingredients and additives, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices, as well as exposures to pesticides, industrial chemicals, and environmental contaminants. Drs. Harris and Haws bring a diverse array of experiences to their new venture, having worked in the consulting, government and industrial sectors. A primary goal of theirs in launching ToxStrategies, Inc. is to combine their passion and commitment for serving their clients with their strong technical skills and keen ability for developing innovative solutions to build a company with a client-first mindset. ToxStrategies, Inc. currently has offices in both Austin and Houston, Texas.