Environmental Liability Cost Analysis

The professionals at ToxStrategies Consulting Services have extensive experience in estimating and analyzing environmental liability in financial terms. Qualified experts on our staff prepare environmental liability analyses using accepted and well-documented methods and validated cost data, and use probabilistic methods to explicitly address uncertainties in cost projections. While ToxStrategies staff are not experts in accounting principles and regulations, our analyses are consistent with standard environmental liability assessment guidance and have passed independent accounting-firm audits. ToxStrategies Consulting Services has developed environmental liability analyses for multiple purposes:

Financial Reporting

  • Setting environmental reserves, including SEC, ASTM, AICPA requirements
  • Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO) cost estimation

Support for Settlement

  • Remediation cost recovery claims
  • Environmental insurance claims
  • PRP cost allocation

Transaction Support

  • Merger & Acquisition (M&A) due diligence/reserves
  • Contaminated property disposition/set-asides
  • Environmental liability transfers

Corporate Strategic Planning

  • Budget projections
  • Risk-based (liability-based) prioritization and planning
  • Input to Enterprise Risk Management programs