Animal Feed and Pet Food

ToxStrategies consulting scientists have broad experience in scientific and regulatory affairs, including knowledge of the unique challenges faced by the animal feed and pet food industries. Our professionals have expertise in the safety assessment of ingredients, with demonstrated success in bringing new ingredients to market, as well as supporting or expanding the uses of existing ingredients. Beyond safety, our consulting services include assisting feed, pet food, and ingredient manufacturers in substantiating product claims and developing strategies to improve the regulatory environment for their products. Selected examples of our consulting services include the following:

  • New ingredient definition (AAFCO, GRAS, and feed additive petitions)
  • FSMA food safety plan development and foreign supplier verification
  • Product development strategies that merge regulatory and business needs
  • Ingredient safety assessment (toxicology and contaminant exposure) 
  • Product claim development and substantiation
  • Safety and efficacy study design, placement, and monitoring 
  • Label review guidance and compliance evaluation
  • Scientific publication facilitation and technical writing
  • State and federal product and facility registrations 
  • Recalls of feed, pet food, and ingredients 
  • Risk management and communication support
  • Regulatory and scientific affairs support and agency dialogue
  • Trade association representation