Food Defense and Intentional Adulteration

ToxStrategies consulting scientists have extensive experience in evaluating food defense and intentional adulteration risks and vulnerabilities. We provide training for all Intentional Adulteration Rule qualified individual roles through an exclusive, license with the University of Minnesota Food Protection and Defense Institute, a Homeland Security Center of Excellence. 

Our consulting services include assisting food and ingredient manufacturers in developing robust and pragmatic approaches to addressing their food defense needs. Selected examples of our consulting services include the following:

  • Simplify and disseminate information about food defense
  • Collaboratively develop food defense plans 
  • Provide credentialed review of vulnerability assessments and mitigation strategy identification and implementation
  • Conduct friendly desktop or facility audits to evaluate food defense plans and approaches
  • Assist with development of food safety plans for economically motivated adulteration
  • Design and deliver customized food defense training programs
  • Identify of areas of food defense risk
  • Build institutional memory for easy recall of key documents
  • Facilitate discussion with multidisciplinary teams
  • Risk management and communication support