Foreign Supplier Verification Program

ToxStrategies’ consulting scientists have broad experience in pragmatic application of compliant Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (FSVPs). Our professionals have expertise in the safety assessment of ingredients, processes and products, and foreign suppliers’ food safety programs. We have demonstrated success in risk assessment and ensuring that production of food and ingredients by a foreign supplier is done in a safe manner. Selected examples of our consulting services include the following:

  • FSVP creation and implementation
  • Foreign supplier Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) program evaluation
  • Foreign supplier Prerequisite Programs (PRP) evaluation
  • Foreign supplier audits to ensure safety and compliance with specific regulations (e.g., low-acid canning rule)
  • Ingredient hazard evaluation
  • Foreign supplier Environmental Monitoring Plan evaluation
  • Foreign supplier facility registrations
  • Foreign supplier evaluation and approval criteria
  • FSVP verification activities and implementation
  • FSVP root-cause investigation and corrective action program
  • FSVP record keeping and retention