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ToxStrategies Welcomes Dr. William (Bill) Rish

We are pleased to announce that Dr. William (Bill) Rish has joined ToxStrategies, Inc., as a Principal Engineer in Dublin (Columbus), Ohio.

Dr. Rish is an engineer  and public policy specialist with over 35 years’ experience in engineering, environmental science, risk assessment, and uncertainty analysis. He has been active on numerous advisory committees and work groups in the development of federal and state regulatory rules, guidance, and cleanup standards. He has also been the project and program manager for many large, complex environmental projects across the United States under RCRA, CERCLA, state voluntary programs, and state and federal orders.

Dr. Rish has directed hundreds of human health and ecological risk assessments, including risk-based cleanup standards and strategies. He is a pioneer in the development and use of probabilistic methods to evaluate uncertainty, assess environmental liability, and set environmental standards. Dr. Rish also has a strong background in systems failure and accident analysis, including chemical and nuclear systems. Additionally, he provides services and workshops to regulators, attorneys, and industry personnel on communicating environmental risks to the public and eliciting expert consensus on uncertain health risk factors.

Dr. Rish can be reached by phone at (614) 602-6080 or by e-mail at To learn more about Dr. Rish, please visit his page on the ToxStrategies website.