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21CT Scientists Present Talks at Summer Toxicology Forum

The Center of Excellence in 21st Century Toxicology (21CT; a division of ToxStrategies) was well represented at the 44th annual summer meeting of The Toxicology Forum (TFF), held July 9–11 in Baltimore. Dr. Susan Borghoff, 21CT Director, served on the Organizing Committee, and also participated in the session titled, “Integration of Toxicokinetics and the Kinetically-Derived Maximum Dose into Toxicity Testing and Risk Assessment.” Dr. Borghoff’s presentation was, “Kinetically Derived Maximum Dose: A Key Initiating Event Impacting Need for Mode-of-Action Investigations of High-Dose-Specific Toxicity.”

21CT toxicologist Dr. Miyoung Yoon was a co-author of a presentation titled, “Biokinetic Modeling and IVIVE to Interpret the Results from Advanced In Vitro Liver Models for Safety and Efficacy Testing.”