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ToxStrategies at First EPA Conference on Reducing Animal Testing

Dr. Susan Borghoff, Director of ToxStrategies’ Center of Excellence for 21st Century Toxicology, was invited to participate in the inaugural Conference on Reducing Animal Testing for Chemical Safety, convened on December 17, 2019, by EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs. Approximately 60 scientists from government, academia, and industry were present at the full-day meeting, and were joined by more than 600 individuals in the morning session via teleconference. The gathered experts in environmental and chemical safety research discussed advancements in New Approach Methods (NAMs), to assess the current state of chemical safety research and discuss scientifically valid alternatives to animal testing. According to EPA, “This event, which will take place annually, is a major step in implementing [the Agency’s vision] to aggressively pursue reductions in animal testing.”


Dr. Borghoff brought her expertise in study design and managing research and regulatory-driven toxicology to the breakout group that discussed “Variability and Relevance of Current Animal Tests and Expectations of NAMs.” In her 30-year career, Dr. Borghoff has managed diverse research programs for both industry and government clients. Recent efforts have been focused on the development and implementation of a framework to evaluate both in vitro and in vivo mechanistic data into hazard characterization.