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New study looks at chemotherapy dose intensity

EpidStrategies scientists Dr. Jon Fryzek, Ms. Lauren Bylsma, and colleagues, have published a paper assessing one of the key elements of chemotherapy for cancer patients. Chemotherapy-induced toxicity is a constant challenge that is often addressed by reducing the dosage, which can be a factor in treatment failure for patients with likely curable malignancies. The study authors conducted a meta-analysis of scientific literature to assess the impact of relative dose intensity (RDI) on survival in adult patients. They concluded that maintaining an RDI of ≥80% or ≥85% for two regimens studied resulted in higher overall survival, stating that “management of toxicities across treatment modalities may contribute to maintenance of higher RDI and benefit survival for patients with advanced solid tumors.” The study appears in the “early view” posted online at The Oncologist.