Candace Doepker, Ph.D.
Principal Scientist, Practice Director, Foods & Consumer Products


Phone(513) 206-9929
Address#223 187 Pavilion Pkwy
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Professional Profile

Principal Scientist Dr. Candace Doepker is the Practice Director for ToxStrategies’ Foods & Consumer Products Practice Director and is based in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area. She was trained in the field of cytogenetic toxicology and has 20 years’ experience providing toxicological and scientific issues management support for many different multi-billion-dollar food, health, beauty and oral care brands. Relevant to the food industry, Dr. Doepker spent 16 years working for multi­billion-dollar industries, helping to ensure consumer safety, worker safety, and general product stewardship in all of the following categories: coffee, snack foods, jams, jellies, baking mixes, juices, peanut butter, flavors, and oils. Recently, she has developed a strong working knowledge of the Food Safety Modernization Act and is experienced in facilitating discussions with multi-disciplinary teams to prepare for its implementation. Additionally, she has helped to evaluate risk and guide the strategic direction of companies involved with topics such as actives in drug products, caffeine, California Proposition 65 regulations, heat-formed toxicants, nuisance dusts, workplace allergens, and carbon monoxide.

Dr. Doepker is recognized in the food industry for her strong working knowledge of diacetyl and workplace flavor safety. Dr. Doepker has served multiple years as the Chairwoman of the Caffeine and Food Ingredients Committee of the International Food Information Council, as well as serving on the Council’s Board of Directors. She has been on the Scientific Advisory Board of the National Coffee Association for 5 years and has been an active member of both the Grocery Manufacturers Association and International Life Science Institute’s science and regulatory committees.

Specifically related to experience with the Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) process, Dr. Doepker has participated on a GRAS expert panel. In addition, she has helped over the past four years to prepare numerous dossiers, both for notification to the FDA and for self-GRAS without formal notification. She has helped as part of a multi-disciplinary team to facilitate and guide clients through the process successfully. As a consultant, Dr. Doepker has become familiar with the FEMA-GRAS process and is currently helping clients in the pet food and animal feed industry navigate the pilot GRAS program at the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM), as well as helping trade associations to consider future direction options.