Cody Rabert, B.S.
Scientist II


Phone(513) 401-8758
Address#223 187 Pavilion Pkwy
Newport, KY 41071




Professional Profile

Mr. Cody Rabert is a consumer product safety assessment scientist in ToxStrategies’ Food and Consumer Products Practice. He has a decade of experience working with a private-sector consulting company, supporting global and domestic consumer products companies. He is trained in safety assessments of botanicals and natural substances, as well as chemical and ingredient safety assessments for dietary supplements, cosmetics, and fragrances. His work involves studying novel ingredients, developing supplier raw-material questionnaires for natural substances, and doing investigative safety reviews for new substances.

Prior to joining ToxStrategies, Mr. Rabert worked as a consultant embedded in a multinational consumer goods corporation, serving as a consumer products scientist and managerial lead. In the area of botanical and natural substance safety, he conducted literature searches, managed digital libraries, mined publications and databases to extract chemical data, and developed and implemented an internal system for evaluating adulteration potential and frequency in natural substances. On the consumer product side, Mr. Rabert performed premarket safety assessments for cosmetics, fragrances, and dietary supplements.

Mr. Rabert has also worked as a hazmat responder, ensuring that proper MSDSs are included with shipments and responding to chemical spills and injuries. He is also a qualified technical trainer, teaching the Procurement Automated Support System (PASS) Veeva Vault system training, data extraction, assay quality validation, literature searching, Sci-Finder utility, and preclinical and clinical study evaluations.