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ToxStrategies scientists to present at upcoming international dioxin symposium in Brussels, Belgium

Brussels, Belgium

ToxStrategies scientists will travel to Brussels, Belgium, this summer to present several short papers at the 31st International Symposium on Halogenated Persistent Organic Pollutants – Dioxin 2011.

Diliberto, J.J., Sirinek, L., Burkhalter, B., Wikoff, D.S.Hixon, G., Becker, J., Patterson, D.G., Turner, W., Tachovsky, J.A., Birnbaum, L.S., Haws, L.C. Endometriosis in a cohort of women living in the Kanawha River Valley in West Virginia: Blood levels of non-dioxin-like PCBs and relationship with BMI and age.

Haws, L.C., DeVito, M.J., Walker, N.J., Harris, M.A.Tachovsky, J.A., Birnbaum, L.S., Farland, W.H., Wikoff, D.S.Development of a consensus-based weighting framework for evaluating estimates of relative potency for dioxin-like compounds that includes consideration of data from human cells.

Haws, L.C.Fitzgerald, L., Burkhalter, B., Harris, M.Wikoff, D.S. Assessment of the US EPA’s proposed toxicological values for TCDD for regulation of dioxin-like compounds in foods: bridging the science divide in a global market.

Rowlands, J.C., Urban, J.Wikoff, D.S., Budinsky, R. The presence and estimated functional effect of single nucleotide polymorphisms at the AIP, ARNT, HSP90AA1, AND HSP90AB1 loci in the human population.

Thomas, R.S., Rowlands, J.C., Budinsky, R.A., Thompson, C.M.Urban, J.D., Dombkowski, A. Genomic approaches for relative potency assessment.

Wikoff, D.S.Thompson, C., Walker, N., DeVito, M., Harris, M., Birnbaum, L. Haws, L. Derivation of relative potency estimates using benchmark dose modeling: a case study with TCDF.

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