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Poster for ICRS presents pre-clinical evaluation of cannabidiol (CBD)

ToxStrategies scientist Dr. Rayetta Henderson was among the authors of a poster for the 32nd Annual Symposium of the International Cannabinoid Research Society (ICRS), a hybrid meeting based in Galway, Ireland, held on June 25–30, 2022. The poster, titled, “Pre-Clinical Evaluation of Cannabidiol Toxicity in Rats,” summarized the toxicology testing program led by Dr. Henderson and other ToxStrategies staff. The study design and outcome of 14- and 90-day repeat-dose oral toxicity, genotoxicity, and reproductive toxicity studies on a purified, hemp-derived CBD isolate were presented. Meeting and abstract information can be found on the ICRS website. For more information on ToxStrategies’ experience in this area, see our relevant services page for Cannabinoid and Industrial Hemp Safety.