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ToxStrategies scientists publish systematic mapping of cannabidiol (CBD) safety data

ToxStrategies scientists Dr. Rayetta Henderson, Kara Franke, Lauren Payne, and Dr. Allison Franzen have published an article titled, “Cannabidiol Safety Data: A Systematic Mapping Study” in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research. This study is the first systematic map of the safety-related information available for CBD in the peer-reviewed literature and is part of an ongoing effort to establish a foundation for future research initiatives to support the determination of a safe CBD intake level for consumer use. The objective was to systematically map the publicly available safety-related literature for CBD, to provide a comprehensive overview of the current state of knowledge, assist in identifying data gaps and trends, and inform future hazard-based decision making. Available evidence was gathered and collated to demonstrate the current landscape of studies that report health outcomes to inform safety evaluation, as well as to identify outcomes or other subtopics that may warrant further research.