William (Bill) Rish, Ph.D.
Principal Engineer


Phone(614) 602-6080
Address31 College Place
Suite B118
Asheville, NC 28801



Professional Profile

Dr. William (Bill) Rish is a Principal Engineer with ToxStrategies, and is based in Asheville, North Carolina. He has more than 35 years’ experience in exposure assessment, risk assessment, site assessment and remediation, and probabilistic uncertainty analysis. He has prepared hundreds of risk assessments and managed numerous large, complex site investigations and remediation projects, and has been active for many years in the development of federal and state rules, guidance, and policy regarding risk assessment. Dr. Rish was a pioneer in the development of probabilistic methods for evaluating uncertainty in estimating chemical and radiological human health risk from environmental impacts.

Dr. Rish has worked across the nation on sites subject to CERCLA, RCRA Corrective Action and Closure, and state orders and voluntary action. He also has worked on Department of Energy and Department of Defense projects. In addition, he has a strong background in systems failure and accident analysis, including chemical and nuclear systems. Recently, he has been providing services and workshops to regulators, attorneys, and industry on communicating environmental risk to the public.

At ToxStrategies, Dr. Rish is an in-house TSCA expert, including having Section 6 experience with chemical inventory, existing high-priority chemical risk evaluation, conditions-of-use development, life-cycle exposure assessment, and hazard assessment. He also has TSCA Section 5 experience with PMN submittals, new chemical safety assessment and prioritization, and obtaining CAS designations.

Dr. Rish actively participates in working groups and committees. He is past chairman of the Health Risk Subcommittee of the Marcellus Shale Coalition, member of the Induced Seismicity Workgroup of state oil and gas regulators and co-author of their primer for state regulators, and is a regular invited member of the Ohio EPA workgroup on human and ecological risk assessment procedures. Dr. Rish is a regularly invited speaker on a wide range of topics related to risk assessment, uncertainty analysis, risk communication, and liability analysis.