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ToxStrategies scientists at Toxicology Forum virtual sessions

The Toxicology Forum will convene a series of virtual sessions in July and August 2020. The goal of these sessions is to facilitate dialogue and information exchange among presenters, panelists, and attendees. ToxStrategies scientists Drs. Candace Doepker and Susan Borghoff will present recent work related to the application of new approach methods (NAMS).

In the July 20th session, titled “Strategies to Use Non-Animal Approaches in Food Safety Assessment,” Dr. Doepker will discuss food regulations and their influence on toxicological methods for evaluating food ingredient safety.

In the August 21st session, titled “Applying New Approach Methodologies to Risk Assessment: Consideration of Exposure and Compensatory Mechanisms,” Dr. Borghoff will discuss the integration of NAM data to identify chemicals with endocrine disruptor properties under ECHA/EFSA Guidance.