ToxStrategies scientists publish systematic mapping of cannabidiol (CBD) safety data

ToxStrategies scientists Dr. Rayetta Henderson, Kara Franke, Lauren Payne, and Dr. Allison Franzen have published an article titled, “Cannabidiol Safety Data: A Systematic Mapping Study” in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research. This study is the first systematic map of the safety-related information available for CBD in the peer-reviewed literature and is part of an ongoing effort to establish a foundation for future research initiatives to support the determination of a safe CBD intake level for consumer use. The objective was to systematically map the publicly available safety-related literature for CBD, to provide a comprehensive overview of the current state of knowledge, assist in identifying data gaps and trends, and inform future hazard-based decision making. Available evidence was gathered and collated to demonstrate the current landscape of studies that report health outcomes to inform safety evaluation, as well as to identify outcomes or other subtopics that may warrant further research.

EpidStrategies announces seven new publications of RSV research

Several EpidStrategies scientists are among the collaborating authors of seven new studies on respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) published in a special supplement to the Journal of Infectious Diseases. The authors include Ms. Mina Suh, Dr. Jon Fryzek, Ms. Naimisha Movva, Ms. Xiaohui Jiang, Ms. Heidi Reichert, and Ms. Lauren Bylsma, and the studies describe the morbidity and mortality burden of RSV among US-born infants and children under 5 years old.

RSV affects nearly all infants and children <5 years old. Our studies confirm that RSV is the leading cause of infant hospitalizations in the US. Even those born full term and otherwise healthy may be at risk of developing serious illnesses from RSV, including pneumonia. In addition, infants insured with Medicaid experience twice as many hospitalizations and emergency-room visits as privately insured infants, indicating potential health-care equity issues.

This journal supplement is the culmination of an ongoing research program that involved EpidStrategies scientists and academic and industry collaborators. Please contact Mina Suh ( for more information about this work.

The seven publications, listed below, are available from the journal via open access.

  • Suh M, Movva N, Jiang X, Bylsma LC, Reichert H, Fryzek JP, Nelson CB. 2022. Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is the leading cause of United States infant hospitalizations 2009–2019: A study of the National (Nationwide) Inpatient Sample. J Infect Dis 226(Suppl 2):S154–S163, open access.
  • Movva N, Suh M, Reichert H, Hitze B, Sendak MP, Wolf Z, Carr S, Kaminski T, White M, Fisher K, Wood CT, Fryzek JP, Nelson CB, Malcolm WF. 2022. Respiratory syncytial virus during the COVID-19 pandemic compared to historic levels: A retrospective cohort study of a health system. J Infect Dis 226(Suppl 2):S175–S183 open access.
  • Suh M, Movva N, Jiang X, Reichert H, Bylsma LC, Fryzek JP, Nelson CB. 2022. Respiratory syncytial virus burden and healthcare utilization in United States infants, <1 year of age: Study of nationally representative databases, 2011–2019. J Infect Dis 226(Suppl 2):S184–S194, open access.
  • Suh M, Movva N, Bylsma LC, Fryzek JP, Nelson CB. 2022. A systematic literature review of the burden of respiratory syncytial virus disease and health care utilization among United States infants younger than 1 year. J Infect Dis 226(Suppl 2):S195–S212, open access.
  • Movva N, Suh M, Bylsma LC, Fryzek JP, Nelson CB. 2022. Systematic literature review of respiratory syncytial virus laboratory testing practices and incidence in United States infants and children <5 years of age. J Infect Dis 226(Suppl 2):S213–S224, open access.
  • Reichert H, Suh M, Jiang X, Movva N, Bylsma LC, Fryzek JP, Nelson CB. 2022. Mortality associated with respiratory syncytial virus, bronchiolitis, and influenza among infants in the United States: A birth cohort study from 1998 to 2018. J Infect Dis 226(Suppl 2):S246–S254, open access.
  • Bylsma LC, Suh M, Movva N, Fryzek JP, Nelson CB. 2022. Mortality among United States infants and children under 5 years of age with respiratory syncytial virus and bronchiolitis: A systematic literature review. J Infect Dis 226(Suppl 2):S267–S281, open access.

ToxStrategies welcomes Amy Sheppard

The ToxStrategies team is pleased to announce the addition of Ms. Amy Sheppard to our Food and Consumer Products practice. Ms. Sheppard has held increasingly responsible positions with multiple global consumer product manufacturers during her 30-year career, the latter third of which she spent with SC Johnson. Her roles have ranged from a summer intern to practicing scientist in product safety to middle and senior management positions, and her experience includes the use of data-driven risk assessments for products that need to achieve regulatory compliance. She has helped bring to market a variety of consumer- and professional-level products, including cosmetics, over-the-counter drugs, cleaning products, biocides, and pest control products.

In addition to her professional scientific roles, Ms. Sheppard serves her community as an Emergency Medical Technician for the local fire department. She is certified in Hazardous Materials Operations and provides instruction in CPR and general first aid.