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New ToxStrategies Publication: Duodenal crypt health following exposure to Cr(VI)

ToxStrategies is pleased to announce a new publication titled Duodenal crypt health following exposure to Cr(VI): Micronucleus scoring, γ-H2AX immunostaining, and synchrotron X-ray fluorescence microscopy.  ToxStrategies’ own Dr. Chad Thompson is the lead author on this publication, while several other ToxStrategies’ scientists also served as co-authors.

This research provides a comprehensive assessment of micronuclei in the crypts of Swiss roll duodenal sections from B6C3F1 mice following Cr(VI) exposure.  The study results found:

  • Oral gavage of 50 mg/kg cyclophosphamide significantly increased micronuclei.
  • Cr(VI) in drinking water (up to 180 ppm) for 7 days did not increase micronuclei.
  • Chromium was localized to duodenal villi by X-ray fluorescence microscopy.
  • γ-H2AX immunostaining did not differ between vehicle-and Cr(VI)-treated mice.

This paper was published in Mutation Research and is available in the August 2015 issue. A free copy of the complete paper can be downloaded here.