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ToxStrategies scientists and colleagues publish new AOP study

ToxStrategies scientists Dr. Mark HarrisDr. Deborah Proctor, and Dr. Chad Thompson are among the authors of a recently published study that proposes a cytotoxicity-mediated adverse outcome pathway (AOP) for small intestinal tumors by leveraging extensive target species- and site-specific molecular, cellular, and histological mode of action research for three reference chemicals, the fungicides captan and folpet and the transition metal hexavalent chromium. This AOP supports that duodenal tumors in mice occur secondary to chronic villous enterocyte cytotoxicity and regenerative repair-driven proliferation. 

 This study, published in Critical Reviews in Toxicology, is titled “An adverse outcome pathway for small intestinal tumors in mice involving chronic cytotoxicity and regenerative hyperplasia: a case study with hexavalent chromium, captan, and folpet.”