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Paper discusses role of exposure monitoring to support environmental justice

ToxStrategies scientists Drs. LeeAnn Racz and Bill Rish have published a Brief Communication titled, “Exposure monitoring toward environmental justice,” in the journal Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management. The paper discusses the need (in light of a Biden Administration Executive Order) to enhance risk assessment methods and exposure monitoring techniques to more explicitly address issues of environmental justice, such as the interaction between chemical exposures and nonchemical stressors, that can affect individual communities, even down to the neighborhood level. The authors suggest using enhanced monitoring with personal and portable sensors and deploying internet-linked sensors, as well as forming community partnerships and thoughtfully managing big data to inform community decision making. In addition to being published in the journal, Dr. Racz will present this work at the North America annual meeting of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC), to be held virtually November 14–18, 2021.