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Summary of Toxicology Forum workshop on assessing chemical carcinogenicity

A new publication presents an overview of a Toxicology Forum virtual workshop held in December 2021, titled, “Assessing [chemical] carcinogenicity: Hazard identification, classification, and risk assessment.” This state-of-the-science workshop looked at the issue of re-examining long-standing test methods and risk assessment approaches based on new understandings. With the US EPA currently updating its guidelines (including the 2005 Guidelines for Carcinogen Risk Assessment), the workshop allowed national and international experts and stakeholders to exchange information and ideas regarding revisions to these guidance documents, looking toward the next steps in modernizing the techniques of carcinogenicity identification and risk assessment.

In the open-access article in Critical Reviews in Toxicology the authors acknowledge that no single new approach method (NAM) is likely to replace the widely used rodent chronic bioassay, and therefore, “activities to combine NAMs into integrated approaches for testing and assessment, or preferably into defined approaches… that include data interpretation procedures, were identified as urgent research needs.”

Dr. Chad Thompson presented a case study involving hexavalent chromium during the panel discussion on mode of action. In addition, ToxStrategies Managing Principal Scientist Dr. Laurie Haws currently serves as Vice President of the Toxicology Forum and will move into the role of president during 2022.