Publications : 2020

van de Ligt JLG, Hoffman JT. 2020. COVID-19 near-term issues spotting in food supply chain – Update #41. Retrieved from the University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy.


The “COVID-19 Near-Term Issues Spotting in Food Supply Chain” situational updates are a series of 43 reports prepared from April 17 through August 21, 2020 during the most significant food system disruptions of the pandemic. The updates identified and quantified primary and secondary key food system and supply chain disruptions, identified critical paths and proposed action opportunities for issues resolution, and categorized and evaluated real-time open-source news related to food systems issues. The situational updates were distributed to greater than 150 stakeholders with amplified distribution through the Food and Agriculture Critical Infrastructure Sector Coordinating Council (SCC). The situational updates were leveraged in private sector (30 entities plus distribution through the SCC) and local, state, and federal level emergency response including agencies in at least 12 states and at the federal level including DHS, USDA APHIS, USDA FSIS, FDA, DoD, CDC, CISA, FEMA, CBP, PHS, NICC briefings, NBEOC reports, and at least one White House level briefing.