2022 (1 POST)

Tice RR, Bassan A, Amberg A, Anger LT, Beal MA, Bellion P, Benigni R, Birmingham J, Brigo A, Bringezu F, Ceriani L, Crooks I, Cross K, Elespuru R, Faulkner DM, Fortin MC, Fowler P, Frericks M, Greets HHJ, Jahnke GD, Jones DR, Krulak NL, Piparo EL, Lopez-Belmonte J, Luniwal A, Luu A, Madia F, Manganelli S, Manickam B, Mestres J, Mihalchik-Burhans AL, Neilson L, Pandiri A, Pavan M, Rider CV, Rooney JP, Trejo-Martin A, Wantanabe-Sailor KH, White AT, Wooley D, Myatt GJ. 2021. In silico approaches in carcinogenicity hazard assessment: Current status and future needs. Comp Toxicol 20:100191 (Special issue: The in silico toxicology protocols initiative).

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2021 (1 POST)

Hackshaw A, Cohen SS, Reichert H, Kansal AR, Chung KC, Ofman JJ. 2021. Estimating the population health impact of a multi-cancer early detection genomic blood test to complement existing screening in the US and UK. Brit J Cancer, open access.

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2013 (1 POST)

Fryzek J, Pastula S, Jiang X, Garabrant DH. 2013. Childhood cancer incidence in Pennsylvania counties in relation to living in counties with hydraulic fracturing sites. J Occup Environ Med 55(7):796–801.

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2012 (1 POST)

Alexander D, Weed D, Mink P, Mitchell M. 2012. A weight-of-evidence review of colorectal cancer in pesticide applicators: The agricultural health study and other epidemiologic studies. Int Arch Occup Environ Health 85(7):715–745.

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2011 (2 POSTS)

Mitchell M, Taylor A, Lowe K, Langeberg W, et al. Prevalence of bone metastasis in breast cancer patients and subsequent survival: A systematic and quantitative review of the literature. Presented at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, San Antonio, TX, December 2011

Mitchell M, Taylor A, Lowe K, Langeberg W, et al. Prevalence of bone metastases among breast, lung, and prostate cancer patients. Presented at the 27th International Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology and Therapeutic Risk Management, Chicago, IL, August 2011.

2006 (1 POST)

Boice JD Jr, Marano DE, Cohen SS, Mumma MT, Blot WJ, Brill AB, Fryzek JP, Henderson BE, McLaughlin JK. 2006. Mortality among Rocketdyne workers who tested rocket engines, 1948-1999. J Occup Environ Med 48(10):1070-1092.

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