Publications : 2011

Datta T, Racz L, Kotay SM, Goel R. 2011. Seasonal variations of nitrifying community in trickling filter-solids contact (TF/SC) activated sludge systems. Bioresource Technol 102(3):2272–2279.


Two full-scale trickling filter/solids contact (TF/SC) basin plants, each successfully performing nitrification, were sampled throughout various seasons over a period of one year. Concentrations of ammonia, nitrate and nitrite were measured at various sampling locations along the treatment train. DNA was also extracted from mixed liquor in the solids contact basins. These DNA samples were subjected to terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism (TRFLP) in order to profile the ammonia oxidizing bacteria and nitrite oxidizing bacteria communities. In both plants, there was a prevalence of Nitrosomonas europaea among the ammonia oxidizing bacteria (AOBs). However, during the summer months, there was increased diversity of Nitrosomonas species. Likewise, Nitrospira spp. was the dominant nitrite oxidizing bacteria (NOBs) in both plants regardless of season. Yet there was an increased presence of Nitrobacter among the NOBs in the summer months. These results add an important understanding of the ecology and dynamics in nitrifying population in full-scale TF/SC wastewater treatment plants.