2021 (2 POSTS)

Whitaker M, Brown L. Safer chemical tools and practices: Successes in advancing safer chemical selection on a global scale. Abstract Accepted for Society of Toxicology, 2022.

Brown L, Klein R. Understanding the relationship between maternal thyroid hormones and neurodevelopmental outcomes. Poster presented at International Society for Environmental Epidemiology (virtual), 2021.

2020 (1 POST)

Brown L., Lynch M, Belova A, Klein R, Chiger A. 2020. Developing a health impact model for adult lead exposure and cardiovascular disease mortality. Environ Health Persp 128:9, https://doi.org/10.1289/EHP6552.

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2019 (1 POST)

Brown L, Forth H, Reichle L, Casner AJ, McFadden A. Using alternatives assessment approaches to inform the ranking of TRI-listed solvent chemicals. Poster presented at Society for Risk Analysis, Arlington, VA, 2019.

2018 (1 POST)

Branch F, Pfahles-Hutchens A, Brown L, Chiger A, Rajan P, Hubbard H, Melia J, Riley K. Data quality evaluation for epidemiologic studies under amended TSCA. Poster presented at the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology/International Society for Environmental Exposure, Ottawa, CA, 2018.

2017 (1 POST)

Lynch M, Brown L, Chiger A. Case studies for neurotoxic chemicals. Presentation to Society for Risk Analysis, San Diego, CA, 2017.

2016 (1 POST)

Brown L, Pepping T, He K. Understanding the relationship between alterations in thyroid hormone levels and subsequent neurodevelopmental impacts. Poster presented at Society of Toxicology, New Orleans, LA, 2016.

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2014 (1 POST)

Brown L, Connor E. Managing chemical risk through alternatives assessments: Case studies and current initiatives. Presentation to Society for Risk Analysis, Denver, CO, 2014.

2013 (2 POSTS)

Belova A, Narayan T, Brown L, Haskell J, Bozeman S, Lamb J. A framework to assess aflatoxin public health impacts in developing countries with application to Nigeria and Tanzania. Presentation to Society for Risk Analysis, Baltimore, MD, 2013.

Brown L, Lynch M, Post E, Belova A. Determine a concentration response relationship suitable for estimating adult benefits of reduced lead exposure. Presentation to Society for Risk Analysis, Baltimore, MD, 2013.

2012 (1 POST)

Lynch M, Brown L, Chun A, Reid J, Russel P. Risk communication for the Toxic Release Inventory. Poster presentation to Society for Risk Analysis, 2012.