Publications : 2017

Frankenfeld CL. 2017. Trends in employer postings for epidemiology jobs: An analysis of data from 2003-2016. Ann Epidemiol 27:553–557,



To analyze public health job posting data to help objectively inform epidemiology faculty and students about skills sought by employers.


Raw data from database (January 2003–October 2016) was data-mined and analyzed (n = 25,308 job postings). There were 3985 jobs that were classified with an epidemiology designation, either as the only designation or co-occurring with another designation. Frequencies and percentages were calculated for job type, industry, location, degree requirements, CPH credential, and specialized skills.


The majority of recent postings (January 2014–October 2016) were for full-time positions (60.8%). The highest proportion of recent job industries was education/academic/research (44.3%), state government (17.5%), and nonprofit/NGO (16.3%). A masters-level degree was listed in 71.4% of postings, frequently co-occurring with other degree levels. Epidemiology as the only job class was listed in 1765 postings (45.3%). Most characteristics of epidemiology job postings did not appreciably change over the time period, but there were some specialized skill differences.


This analysis illustrates how employment sites can be used to identify employer preferences in epidemiology hires. There may be some skills that are beneficial additions to public health curricula or that job-seeking future epidemiologists may wish to enhance during their training.