Publications : 2017

Ewart L, Fabre K, Chakilam A, Dragan Y, Duignan DB, Eswaraka J, Gan J, Guzzie-Peck P, Otieno M, Jeong CG, Keller DA, de Morais SM, Phillips JA, Proctor W, Sura R, Van Vleet T, Watson D, Will Y, Tagle D, Berridge B. 2017. Navigating tissue chips from development to dissemination: A pharmaceutical industry perspective. Exp Biol Med (Maywood) 242(16):1579–1585, doi: 10.1177/1535370217715441.


Tissue chips are poised to deliver a paradigm shift in drug discovery. By emulating human physiology, these chips have the potential to increase the predictive power of preclinical modeling, which in turn will move the pharmaceutical industry closer to its aspiration of clinically relevant and ultimately animal-free drug discovery. Despite the tremendous science and innovation invested in these tissue chips, significant challenges remain to be addressed to enable their routine adoption into the industrial laboratory. This article describes the main steps that need to be taken and highlights key considerations in order to transform tissue chip technology from the hands of the innovators into those of the industrial scientists. Written by scientists from 13 pharmaceutical companies and partners at the National Institutes of Health, this article uniquely captures a consensus view on the progression strategy to facilitate and accelerate the adoption of this valuable technology. It concludes that success will be delivered by a partnership approach as well as a deep understanding of the context within which these chips will actually be used.