Publications : 2021

East A, Brady S, Isaacs K, Vallero D. The role of the Product Use Scheduler (PUS) in determining product use categories (PUCs) for owners and renters in the Combined Human Exposure Model (CHEM). Symposium presented at International Society of Exposure Science Annual Meeting, virtual conference, September 2021. DOI: 10.23645/epacomptox.16632271, open access online.


The Product Use Scheduler (PUS) is the second of three modules in the Combined Human Exposure Model (CHEM), which estimates exposure from consumer products. PUS accepts an .csv input file (normally from the Residential Population Generator, RPGen). The module returns diaries of product use, which are passed to Source-to-Dose (S2D) in CHEM. Diaries are 364 days long, seasonal, and have rules based on the type of product, clusters, the characteristics of the household, and the age of the user. Differences in Product Use Categories are demonstrated using a case example of owners and renters.