Publications : 2018

Tsaioun K, Dirven H, Beck Færden K, Wikoff D, Ram R, Kleinstreuer N, McCormack A, Wright R, Vist GE, Fitch S. 2018. Systematic reviews of the hepatotoxic effects of specified compounds/drugs as observed in humans and experimental animals (rats, mice, dogs and non-human primates). PROSPERO CRD42018112353.


This project looked at risk assessments and predictions of drug-induced liver injury (DILI). By comparing effects of the specified drugs reported in clinical trials, adverse-events reports (e.g., pharmacovigilance, real-world evidence), regulatory documents, and controlled in vivo animal studies, we aim to better understand the toxicological processes, predictive abilities, and precision of different preclinical models of liver injury, with the ultimate aim of reducing vertebrate animal experiments in the hazard assessment of pharmaceuticals and other chemicals in the future.